Who are we ?

If you want to learn more about Pomme de laine, you are in the right place...

The story of Pomme de Laine

I decided to embark on this venture for now over forty, I could not view my life without creative arts being a very large part of it.

I learnt how to knit when I was 6 yers old and have never stopped since. For a long time, it was only something that I would do once or twice a year. But for some years now it has become essential to my everyday life.

A few years ago I discovered hand dyed yarns and in my mind slowly grew the idea of starting my own hand dyeing business. Hence the creation of Pomme de laine in 2018. 

As many indie dyers, the color of my skeins reflect my personality. Every colorway tells you about my life, my childhood memories...

I hope that my yarn will walk you gently through your memories.



In my very first episode on my channel I tell you how it all started.