Welcome to Pomme de laine website and yarn shop. It is filled with yarn goodness and especially hand dyed yarns.

A few years ago I discovered hand dyed yarns and in my mind slowly grew the idea of starting my own hand dyeing business. Hence the creation of Pomme de laine in 2018. As many indie dyers, the color of my skeins reflect my personality. Every colorway tells you about my life, my childhood memories...

And you ? Which memory are you going to knit today ?

Pomme de laine_Abondance2
FINGERING / Abondance base - 100% Merinos Superwash
Pomme de laine_Beau Roger2
FINGERING / Beau Roger base - 75% Merinos 25% Nylon Superwash
Pomme de laine_Mousset2
FINGERING / Mousset base - 80% Merinos 20% Bambou Superwash
Pomme de laine_Gros Chene2
DK / Base Gros Chêne - 100% Bluefaced Leicester SW